Om os

A life with herbs, creams and positive thoughts.

This is the story of a woman who suffered terribly from impure acne skin all her youth. Susanne Melchiorsen managed to turn her accident into her life's work.

Susanne Melchiorsen was trained as a Cidesco cosmetologist in 1982. After graduating, her skin had become nicer, but the result was far from optimal. After years of research abroad, combined with hard work in Susanne Melchiorsen's own skin care clinic in Næstved, she gradually came up with the solution.

“I learned about the context of the body and its effects on it. On the interaction of diet, minerals and vitamins with herbs and medicinal plants. There was no doubt anymore - a supple, beautiful healthy skin must be built from the inside. "

Susanne Melchiorsen's holistic conviction lies in thinking of man as a whole. Always look for the causes of skin imbalances - do not just treat the symptoms.

When good effective skin care products are followed up by internal care, such as the right diet, vitamins, minerals, herbal teas, exercise and breathing exercises, a fine balance is created.

The physical imbalance is followed by a strengthening of the mind. A positive outlook on life makes the skin radiate.

With that foundation, Susanne Melchiorsen has founded the Alternative Cosmetology School , which trains cosmetologists throughout the Nordic region.
In addition, she has created two skin care series Susanne Melchiorsen and Aniel.

Susanne Melchiorsen's appearance and skin are the best example of how her skin care creates great results.